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International Students

All International students with a F1 or J1 visa will be automatically enrolled in the University Health Insurance plan. International students are allowed to waive out of the insurance plan if the student has an insurance plan that meets the following requirements:

  • Student must have a domestic policy
  • Coverage for both accident and sickness
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions or a plan that has been in force long enough so that any waiting time for coverage of pre-existing conditions has been met
  • A minimum benefit of $500,000 (U.S.) per accident or sickness per policy year
  • A $5,000 (U.S.) maximum out-of-pocket expense per policy year (i.e. insurance will pay 100% of covered costs after insured has paid $5,000)
  • A $550 (U.S.) maximum deductible per policy year, credited towards the yearly out-of-pocket maximum of $5,000 above
  • Prescription drug benefit of at least $10,000 per policy year
  • Benefits for comprehensive reproductive health care, including contraception and maternity care, to be covered the same as for any illness
  • Benefits for in-patient care of mental and nervous disorders, alcohol and substance abuse treatment payable on the same basis as any other sickness; benefits for outpatient mental and nervous care payable as per Maryland mandated benefits
  • A $50,000 (US) minimum Medical Evacuation benefit (to return you to your country of residence if you are seriously ill)
  • $25,000 (US) minimum Repatriation benefit (in case of death, to return your remains to your country of residence)
  • No exclusions or limitations for injury sustained as a result of a covered motor vehicle accident, or for alcohol or drug-related illness or injury
  • Hospital room/board covered at the semi-private room rate with no maximum daily limit
  • No maximum daily limit on intensive care services, outpatient diagnostic and lab tests

If you do not waive out by September 30, you will be enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan.

The waiver period for the fall semester is August 1 to September 30. The waiver period for the spring semester is January 1 to February 28. Waivers submitted after the deadline will not be considered and insurance fees will not be refunded.

Waivers for the spring semester are only allowed for students who were not enrolled in the fall semester and are first semester students to the university in the spring.