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Aetna Student Health

In response to COVID-19, Aetna Student Health has important information about your plan to share with you. We will share any updates as they are confirmed.

Aetna Student Health can always be used without a referral anywhere in the United States if you are 56 miles away from UMBC, and during the remote instruction period, the need for a referral from UHS within 56 miles has been waived. Please remember to use in-network providers to avoid additional charges.

Aetna Student Health also offers a telemedicine option: Teladoc. You do not need to leave your home to go to urgent care. You can access a doctor or therapist via your phone at 855-TELADOC (855-835-2362) or via the Aetna mobile app. You will need to have your Aetna student health insurance number, which is on your insurance card. If you do not have your Aetna health insurance card, you will be asked for your Aetna ID number, which is the 10-digit Peoplesoft account number on your UMBC student account with student business services. Here are the instructions for Teladoc. 

Aetna Student Health will waive co-pays for all diagnostic testing related to COVID-19. This policy will cover the test kit for patients who meet CDC guidelines for testing, which can be done in any approved laboratory location.

Until June 7, Aetna Student Health will offer zero co-pay telemedicine visits for any reason. Aetna members should use telemedicine as their first line of defense in order to limit potential exposure in physician offices. Cost sharing will be waived for all video visits through the CVS MinuteClinic app, Aetna-covered Teladoc offerings, and in-network providers delivering synchronous virtual care (live video-conferencing).

If you have any questions or need assistance please email

aetna members information UMBC offers a student insurance plan through Aetna Student Health.

A summary of the policy can be found under 2020-2021 Plan Documents and Benefits and in-network providers can be found through the above link.

Once enrolling in the plan the basic benefits are as follows:

  • The insurance policy term runs from August to August each year.
  • The policy has a deductible of $350 in-network and a $550 deductible out of network.
  • The insurance plan pays at 80% with a co-insurance of 20% in network and the plans pays at 60% with a co-insurance of 40% out of network.
  • A deductible is the amount of money you must out of pocket before any monies are paid by the insurance company. This is a fee paid once a policy year.
  • Co-insurance is the amount you must pay each time to go to an outside provider based on your charges.
  • In network is when you stay within the listing of providers who participate with Aetna Student Health.
  • Out of network is when you go to a provider that does not participate with Aetna Student Health.
  • There is a listing on Aetna Student Health that will help you navigate through providers to make sure you choose a provider that is in network.
  • Aetna Student Health also has copays for office visits, urgent care, emergency room, pharmacy, massage, and acupuncture.
  • The copays for UHS are listed below:
    • Office visit copay at UHS: $10
    • Massage copay at UHS: $20
    • Acupuncture copay at UHS: $20
    • Pharmacy copays: $10 for generic drugs and $40 for name brand drugs.
    • Acupuncture and massage are only covered if the services are performed at UHS.
  • The copays for outside providers are listed below:
    • Office visit copay at an urgent care provider is: $25
    • Emergency room copay: $75
    • Pharmacy co pays for an outside pharmacy: generic drugs $15 and preferred name brand $40
    • Non-preferred name brand: $60 and specialty drugs $60

Copays are the fixed amount of monies you must pay when receiving services from a provider.

There are no copays for any type of physical. Each person enrolled in Aetna student health receives one covered physical each year and women are also allowed one well-woman physical each year.

Aetna Student Health also includes a discount vision plan under the medical benefits. The coverage gives discounts on services offered by a vision care provider.

There are no dental benefits under the medical policy for Aetna Student Health. If a student wishes to have dental coverage there is a dental discount plan that a student can enroll in on the Aetna Student Health website for a small fee.

If a replacement card is needed due to loss, the student can call Aetna Student Health directly at 1-877-437-6535 and speak to a customer service representative to get a new card sent to their mailing address. Also, Aetna Student Health has a way to print your insurance card from its website. Directions are listed on the Aetna Student Health web page for UMBC.

If a student enrolls in the Aetna Student Health plan offered by UMBC, UHS becomes the student’s primary care provider. Students must first see an UHS provider for a referral to be able to see an outside provider for care. If a student does not have a referral for outside care, the deductible for Aetna Student Health increases to $550.