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Public Health Messaging Toolkit

How to use this toolkit.

This toolkit includes UMBC-approved materials about health and safety practices to protect against seasonal illnesses, such as Influenza, and COVID-19 and promote general wellness. These materials will help our campus partners communicate consistently with colleagues and students. If you choose to print flyers please post in areas with high visibility. Thank you for sharing and helping to keep our community healthy and well.

Please remember: When posting print materials, follow UMBC’s Posting Policy.

If you have any questions about using these materials, please contact Samantha Smith, Associate Director, Health Promotion at

The toolkit contains the following items:

  • Print
    • Talking points on how to share information about COVID-19 and UMBC requirements with students and other community members
    • General mask campaign
    • How to wear a mask
  • Digital
    • PowerPoint slide(s) to use in presentations or on Blackboard spaces
    • General mask campaign for social and digital screens
    • How to wear a mask for social and digital screens
    • Mental health awareness and getting connected to resources and support for social and digital screens

UMBC Public Health Messaging Toolkit