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BLM Statement

The University Health Services team at UMBC is deeply saddened by the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and the many other Black folx killed by law enforcement officers. As a team, we stand with the Black community of students, faculty, and staff at UMBC and are resolved in the shared belief that Black lives matter.

As a team of healthcare providers and public health practitioners, we acknowledge the long history of systemic racism within the United States healthcare system and the detrimental outcomes that continue to impact the health and well-being of Black Americans to this day.

Racism, discrimination, and injustice do not belong in our healthcare system.

Recognizing the need for change and tangible solutions, UHS is currently, and will continue to be committed to reflecting, acknowledging, and growing from our shortcomings. Our goals include:

  • Provide ongoing training for our staff, including education for non-BIPOC staff on issues such as white supremacy and white fragility
  • Review and address implicit bias, racism, and xenophobia in our policies and procedures
  • Identify and address health equity issues in our clinic and on our campus
  • Revise education and outreach materials, including trainings to be more inclusive of the many races, genders, orientations, cultures, and other marginalized identities within our community
  • Enhance our commitment to be intentional in hiring practices and prioritize hiring POC in our staff
  • Hold each other and our colleagues accountable

As part of this commitment to reflection and improvement, we welcome your feedback.